Tiffanys is a java written chess engine, including a Swing GUI and Xboard/Winboard interface.

Why another chess program? Well I do love chess, but my playing skills are bad or worse. So I wrote a chess program that shall defeat every person that defeated me ;-)

How strong is Tiffanys? Tiffanys 0.5 plays much better than older releases, but still can not compete against good players or well known chess programs. But there is still much room for improvements. I could also use your help! So if you defeat Tiffanys, why not drop me an EMail with your thoughts of the engine/software? Thanks in advance!

You may also play against Tiffanys at the new and free online chess server at www.chess-mind.com!

Current Features:

- Swing GUI
- Transposition tables
- Small opening book
- PGN / FEN support
- XBoard interface
- Multiple game modes (fixed depth / time per move or game)
- Knows all basic rules (including Castling, EnPassant and Pawnpromotion)
- Tiffanys runs with java 1.5 or higher (download @ java.sun.com)


- Precompiled version for OS X (tiffanys-osx-0.5.dmg)
- Precompiled version for Linux (
- Precompiled version for Windows (
- Precompiled version for Windows including Java Runtime (

- Sourcecode distribution (tiffanys-src-0.5.tar.gz)

Or check out the latest source code from the subversion repository:

- svn co https://tiffanys.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/tiffanys tiffanys


Tiffanys Screenshot

Find more screenshots here !


- Claudio Nieder (Code review)
- Christopher Ferris / Pixellex.com (Icons)


If you have problems with Tiffanys, please enter a bug report here. If it's a chess " issue", please also provide the PGN of the game.


For any comments, ideas, threats, questions or job offers please contact me via bvg_dev@nostromo.ch (Please use "TIFFANYS" in the subject!).

You may also visit my private
web page.


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